Video Remote Interpreting – VRI:

VRI is where the British Sign Language/English Interpreter is ‘remote’ with the Deaf person and service provider in the

same location.

Our remote interpreting service is delivered under our SignVideo branding.

SignVideo can be accessed by using an Internet-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer) and the Online Interpreter can be reached, as long as the Deaf person has a robust and stable Internet signal.

This service allows for and provides effective communication between a Deaf person and service provider where a face-to-face interpreter is not possible (perhaps due to short notice, emergency etc).
All our British Sign Language/English Interpreters are fully qualified and registered providing a truly professional service.

Examples of where SignVideo VRI services can be used:

Deaf person attending Councillor Surgery using remote interpreter during meeting.

Deaf person Out-of-hours Social Work Services using remote interpreter during consultation.

Deaf person attending A&E – short consultation while face-to-face interpreter is on way.

For more information on our VRI service
please visit our separate website:

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