11 Feb

SLI named as new emergency 999 BSL provider

Sign Language Interactions are pleased to be approved by Ofcom as the sole provider of the BSL emergency video relay service. As directed by General Condition C5, communications providers are required to have an emergency BSL video service in place by 17 June 2022.

Sign Language Interactions has the technical ability to set up and supply the service by no later than 17 June 2022. We believe the best way to contract with the telecoms industry is by working with BT, who have proposed to act as the wholesale body.

Sign Language Interactions is committed to working closely with communication providers and will ensure the service is compliant with the General Conditions and resources are made available to publicise the service. We will communicate directly with the UK British Sign Language community and provide regular updates and promote the 999 BSL service widely through our own communication channels, telecoms industry and third sector organisations.

For more information, or to contact us, please email: info@999bsl.co.uk

View Ofcom Emergency Video Relay statement here [PDF]

View BT Wholesale proposal here [PDF]