Sign Language Interactions are delighted to announce that as from the 10th January 2020, SignVideo will be acquired by Sign Language Interactions. The two companies will merge as organisations, however the SignVideo and Sign Language Interactions names and core values, people and services will carry on. Over many years, both organisations have made a substantial contribution to the development and delivery of online video and face to face BSL/English interpreting across the UK. This exciting opportunity combines the strengths, knowledge and skills of the people who work in both organisations, which will further champion British Sign Language, help advanceBSL/English interpreting, and crucially lead to even greater standards of service delivery and access to communication between hearing and deaf people.

Andrew Dewey, Managing Director of Sign Language Interactions: “This is truly an exciting development, that promotes the vision and ambition shared by SignVideo and Sign Language Interactions, which is that the UK should be a place where deaf and hearing people can access high quality and reliable BSL/English interpreters face to face and instantly through online video when they need them. We look forward to continuing to work with our existing users and customers, and welcome the opportunity to extend our services further to reach more people and organisations across the UK.”

Jeff McWhinney, Chair and Founder of SignVideo: “Brigitte, my wife, and I are so proud of what we have built over the last 15 years, pioneering and establishing higher and higher benchmarks in this industry sector. However our success has created a market that is becoming diluted so a leap forward is essential to build on our core values and quality standards. We are confident that SignVideo will grow from strength to strength under SLI’s leadership and investment. The two companies share a common vision built by Deaf and BSL/English Interpreters boding well for all our stakeholders especially Deaf BSL users and BSL/English Interpreters. We look forward to building on all our successes in the coming years.”