The Go Fund

gofund3To put something back into the community we have created the ‘Go Fund’.

The Go Fund is aimed at small local deaf-led groups to apply for funds to help with local initiatives.

We have kept it as simple and as straight forward as possible.



Keeping it simple – Groups have to be:

Based in Scotland

Run by Deaf people for Deaf people

Benefit ‘local’ groups/people

Have a specific group bank account

Keeping it fair – What it is NOT for:

Top up other funding

Provide something that ‘should’ be provided (by yourselves or local authority/health board)

Something that needs ‘on-going’ funding (membership, subscription etc)

Diverse generations

The criteria for funding is wide and varied and there are no hard and fast rules – every request will be considered on its own.

Some examples of ‘good use’ of funds include:

  • Printing of leaflets/flyers
  • Buy a ‘roller stand’ (we can help with design)
  • Paying for  BSL/English Interpreting at a local meeting
  • Buying fundraising items (T-shirts, mugs, pens etc)
  • Hiring a hall for a special meeting (not regular meeting)
  • Paying for BSL video to promote group
  • Buy a Chromebook (laptop)
  • Buy a camcorder

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